A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for the Easy Allies 2019 Glinnys Cauldron Game Jam in 4 weeks with the following ingredients. 

- You have a 1% chance to not be able to double jump. (there actually isn't jumping, but you have a 1% change to fail an action like swinging your sword or using an item) 

- The first waterfall you discover has a secret cave, but the following 23 do not. (Didn't quite make it to 23 but it's there in sprit!) 

- The final boss of the game is a character first introduced directly prior to the final boss fight.

- There’s a cutscene where all the characters in your party hear news of a death of an NPC that was mentioned once before in the story. They all act incredibly devastated even though this character was insignificant. 

- No buildings can be entered. Anytime you attempt to enter one your character says "It's not the right time for that"

- Deep bass “ooohhh nooooo!” every time you die

- Not having a way to tell you how much time you've played

- There is a minor NPC early on in the game that shares the exact character model as the player. This is never explained or acknowledged by anyone in the game.

- Redeeming codes found under the cap of participating Mountain Dew beverages unlocks powerful armor covered in Mountain Dew branding. If you abstain from the promotion, your party will occasionally comment about how good a Mountain Dew would taste about now.

SLOGAN: Get ready to explode your balls into a firestorm of dust and skeletons. 

CELEBRITY LIKENESS: Justin Bieber as "Squeelin" Shay Higgins

We took a mix of both recepices and took some liberties on others but hope you will enjoy :) 

Only keyboard support right now, but that could change with some time to polish. 

Controles are: 

WASD: to move

J: Interact and sword

K: Dodge roll and pick up items

L: Use equipped item

I: Change equipped item

Hope you find all the secrets ;) 

As of publishing there is a lot we didn't get to finish. An extra 2 whole bosses were planned as well as a few other expanded elements or areas of polish we couldn't get to in time but pretty good for 4 weeks of very part time work we like to think. 


Music: Jibunzo

Voice Architect: Jessie Blu

Everything else: Fanttum 

Wanted to add if had more time: #NoCrunch? 

Actual skeletons we could explode our balls into them

2 bosses at the end of the dungeons 

A more engaging final boss with a cut scene 

Actual balancing 

More sleep for the developer   


Allied-Adventure-Mac 53 MB
Allied-Adventure-PC 48 MB


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Nice gam so far, bow can I throw the bombs? I am stuck in the room of your last screenshot. Thanks


You can pick up Bombs just like how you can pick up rocks! (I did realize I didn't point this out in game like an hour after I submitted haha 😅 also why I sued that screenshot in hopes it could be a subtle hint haha)

So after you place them you can use the K button to pick up and then throw them! 

Glad you have enjoyed it so far!!