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Read the title ya dummy!

Use Mouse click, or Space bar to move and shoot. Hit the Radio button to get encouragement, or skip button to stop the tutorial.

Don't take this too serious. Couldn't start working on this until 24 hours had already passed, so this is like 10 or so hours of work. I really like the idea I came up with (a bit late however) so I wanted to do it. Not much "Content" per say, but most of the core mechanics are there and hopefully you can see where I am going with it. Would love to finish this up some day so please share with me your thoughts or ideas.

Was planning to add but ran out of time:

Hyper Team Style Music

More Upgrades

Different Shot types

Better Enemies

Different Environments

More Dynamic Camera Movements

Actual 3D models


Yes the title is intentionally long and silly. Hope you have fun :)

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